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A new tools for private investing

Iranian Canadian Business Council (ICBC)” in collaboration with “Keiretsu Forum Canada” since 2018 offers a new concept of Angel Investment to Iranian Canadian community which is a productive and innovative partnership in the community.

Now, we are introducing “Linqto” platform to our valued members and potential investors to minimize the risk of angel class investment.

You can simply syndicate the deal even with a hundred dollars of investment regardless the minimum dollar amount of the target units.

Our members and potential investors can enjoy of an amazing offer, contact us today!

Reviving Ontario’s Regional Economies

Ontario’s economy is undergoing a period of rapid change. Twenty-first century globalization, urbanization, and technological transformation are challenging the status quo and redefining what it means to be competitive.

Given the economic discrepancies across the province, it is incumbent on policymakers to examine what economic development looks like in a globalized world, what it will take for Ontario to remain competitive, and how government can mitigate regional disparities.

The OCC’s report, The Great Mosaic: Reviving Ontario’s Regional Economies, outlines how government of all levels can work with industry to unleash the potential of Ontario’s regional economies and reinforce the competitiveness of the province as a whole

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This report offers 17 practical recommendations to help build an environment in which Ontarians can continue to adapt and thrive as the economy evolves.